mother's day

Yesterday was gorgeous, Zane was in a gorgeous mood, the weather, all of it. Today, Mother's Day, we woke up to thunder storms and Zane slept till 8:30! First Mother's Day gift...excellent! Second one...snuggling with Mommy while listening to the rain pour down. After breakfast...he forget it was Mother's Day!

We started off with some poop in the tub. Enough said about that! Then we moved into let me scream and tantrum about everything I come into contact with. A couple of toys had to be taken away because he just couldn't handle the fact that he had to lift one to go over the rug and had a major meltdown several times. As I was trying to put the toy into the closet because we ALL needed a break from it he ran after me screaming, tears and all and almost body dived to block the closet door from shutting the toy within. Oh my! He didn't really lighten up the whole day including dinner at Grandma's.

He did end the day on a high note with running around Grandma's in his pjs making funny faces and laughing.

So some days I'm reminded what certain aspects of motherhood look like. And then he cuddles into my shoulder at night and gives me one last grin as I tuck him in...and I'm refreshed for tomorrow, after a whole lot of sleep that is!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone feeling sleep deprived, a bit stressed and all at the same time joyful!