in the midst of chaos there are perfect moments

Zane and I pulled into the driveway after a quick trip to the grocery store and it started down pouring. We ran inside and Zane stood at the back door pointing to the rain. It's wasn't storming or dangerous so I thought let's go play! I put on his jacket and we ran circles on our deck in the pouring down ran. I was laughing, he was laughing, it was perfect!

We splashed puddles, chased each other and laughed more. The back of our house faces a road and as cars drove by in the downpour I kept thinking they probably think I'm a crazy mom having a toddler out in this! Well if they could've stopped for just a moment they would have seen the fun we were having.

Unfortunately the fun stopped with a spill Zane took that ended up with his forehead meeting the concrete. So he's now in dry clothes and is down for a nap with a large shiner on his head! Oh well...we had fun and sometimes the best fun ends with a small injury. He only cried for a minute and was more annoyed with me trying to hold something cold on it!

So among all the craziness we've had going on those 10 minutes playing in the rain made it seem like everything's going to be okay.