You know you're stressed when you've been standing in line at the grocery store for 25 minutes, watching the clerk look up every single vegetable number and then double checking it before ringing it up and you start to boil inside from frustration. Then you get up there and he does the same thing to you, taking another 25 minutes when all you want to do is go home and curl in a ball because you have a killer sinus headache.

I called Pat after this in tears, me in tears, what is going on? Over standing in line a bit long? I don't know if it was the pain from the headache or what the deal was but it just seems like recently we keep getting slapped down over and over again.

I lost 200+ photos of my friend's wedding reception. I am SO careful to back up each and every client file and yet I don't do that to my personal photos! So all the great photos I had with my friends are gone and it still upsets me to think about it. Then Pat ran on Sunday and now his foot is hurt. As he soaked his foot tonight he was in tears because he has been so dedicated to training for the mini marathon and now there's a good chance he may not be able to run it. Top off the night with a real mean case of diaper rash and we're one happy family.

I know it could be much worse and working at the hospital always keeps that in perspective. But still we'd like a bit of break! This photo I took seems so peaceful...waiting for that to kick in for us!