Yesterday and today I realized what an amazing group of people I work with. As I've mentioned before I struggled with making the change to go part time but once I met the people at my new job I felt like I was being pushed towards working there and that I was meant to be there.

This morning started off with a hug from a coworker that told me how brave I was to do what I did yesterday, how much the mother (sorry don't want to use her name) would appreciate it and how lucky they were to have me as a coworker. Wow...way to start a morning.

I watched yesterday as our boss, the VP of marketing and another coworker tended to the mother and father and their entire family during the calling. They supplied them with water, made sure they sat down, and tried to get them to eat just a little bit. They kept the tissue when needed and were there for overall support.

The amount of people who showed up yesterday from my work was amazing. From those who worked with the mother to the president to the nurses who cared for their baby, I was proud to be a part of an organization who made sure the parents knew how much they were cared for.

I'm so thankful for where I have been placed right now.