Baby Ethan

Mel began the night as any pregnant woman would, by deep cleaning their room including wiping down the baseboards. After talking to her mom she mentioned the idea of nesting and that maybe their baby boy’s delivery was close but Mel didn’t think too much of it.

Later that night, much later, Mel woke and felt different, something wasn’t the same and she called her doctor once, then again, to find out indeed her water had broke. The doctor told her there was no rush so Mel wisely took a shower and got things packed up. In the meantime Pat sat up in bed, woke up, and sat some more. He was in shock. It was really happening, their son was on his way. No more talking about him being here or how Mel could possibly start labor, it was here and they were headed to the hospital to have their baby boy. The crib and nursery furniture wasn’t even in the house yet, Mel had a to-do list of things to get organized and they weren’t expecting this a month early.

Even though to-do lists may have not gotten finished and the timing in the middle of the night made it all a bit crazy, they couldn’t be more joyful at the arrival of their precious baby boy, Ethan. He arrived a healthy boy with just having to take home a billi blanket for a while. But he’s off that now and is relaxing with his Mommy and Daddy.

Pat and Mel we are so excited for you two as you venture into less sleep, giggles at baby farts and joy you cannot describe to soon-to-be parents until they’re there. You’re there, experiencing it all for the first time…enjoy (and try to sleep)!

Here is Ethan cuddling with Mommy.

And Zane had to investigate Ethan. Can't wait to see these two play together someday!

Ethan decided to peak at me while he heard the click click of the camera.
How precious is he?!

My favorite shot!

I love little baby hands!
Sweet shot with Mommy.

It's so cool to see Pat as a Daddy. Ethan seems to like him that's for sure!
Another favorite shot!
Look at that soft baby skin!
Oh wait...this might be my favorite! I can't decide!