Parker's Almost One!

In the midst of starting my own photography business I'm using this blog to post some previews while Pat designs my logo and new photography blog. No pressure, Pat, I mean, yes pressure...I want a new blog!!! :)

So I get to share with you photos I'm taking here in the meantime! Ignore the fact that they aren't super big photos like I'd normally like to have!

Parker is my friend Jenni's adorable son. He is just 5 months younger than Zane so the two of them will be getting into so much trouble together. I was laughing the other day thinking about when they're old enough and Jenni and I tell them funny stories about our college days together! But that's not for a REAL long time that they'll be hearing those!

Check Parker out, like you can miss him with those EYES!

I love the wee bit of drool in this photo...working on those teeth!

I love this photo!!! There's just something about catching a moment when a child cracks up Mom and Dad!
The best part about outside photos is all the cool stuff to play with!

More favorite photos!


This picture just cracks me up!

Lance's photos with Parker are super cute but I am so in love with this one with Jenni and Parker!
We'll let this last shot be my best shot for this week. Check out other Best Shots at Mother May I.