We drove over to Ohio this weekend to take pregnancy photos of Pat's brother and his wife, Kristi along with some other family photos too. On our way over we came around a bend in the highway and Pat and I both saw this huge cloud of smoke. We didn't think anything about it till we got a bit closer and saw a huge ball of fire go up into the sky. As we got closer explosions kept happening and we realized it was a truck cab on fire. It was crazy! It looked like something right out of a movie. Pat of course grabbed the nearest camera (we had three in the car) and shot some pics of it. As we passed it on the opposite side of the highway our side of the car facing the fire fogged up and the windows were hot to touch. I don't know how people were still passing right next to the truck. We got very lucky because moments after we passed they blocked both sides of the highway and shut it down. I can't seem to find out the news on it but my grandpa said he heard about it and it seemed like no one was in the truck, I certainly hope not.

As the weekend went on Zane got way off his schedule...and there was the fire wrath of an off-schedule Zane! We never know what to expect when this happens. It ended up being massive tears as I took some family photos in a beautiful garden park. Pat was supposed to be second shooting with me but he ended up walking all over the park with our crying son. You could hear him as he passed us. Zane had skipped his afternoon nap and it was not pretty!

We should have known not to stop and eat dinner but we tried. After several chugs of milk Zane literally fell apart. He tantrumed like we've never seen him do before. We're talking high pitched screams, feet kicking, arms everywhere and head banging in the high chair. Pat swooped him up and took him outside just as our food arrived. I got to go boxes and we were out of there! Both of us were so embarrassed! I know it happens to everyone at some point but it's still just as embarrassing!

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