I am still here! Just not very active on the blog but believe me very active in just about every other part of life. We've had lots of graduations, parties and all kinds of other things are brewing up here in the Laurent household. More details on all of it soon. Pat's painting like crazy, Zane's running through sprinklers and I'm going through some photos...but personal ones! It's about time! Zane is due to have a letter written to him, oh about 4 months ago!

A little note to anyone reading in the Columbus, Ohio region. I'll be in Columbus this weekend if anyone is interested in photos. Seniors, families, babies, I'm up for whatever! So just shoot me an email at mayacrev at yahoo.com if you are interested and we can try to work something out!

Sorry for the lack of commenting and activity on other's sites. I'll get back to you eventually!!!