Kristi & Brian Baby Bump

Coming soon in August Pat and I will be an Uncle and Aunt! We are excited to spoil our nephew like Zane is spoiled. Remember the loud toys guys? We'll get you back!

We were glad that it all worked out to go visit Brian and Kristi and take their pregnancy shots. I think pregnancy shots are so much fun and fun to be able to show little ones what Mommy looked like pregnant. It rained for some of our time there so we just grabbed an umbrella and shot anyways.

Look at their dogs in this shot...hilarious!
These two dogs have no clue what's about ready to enter their house soon!
Brian and Kristi did some really cool paint on the nursery walls.
Look at Pat getting a cool shot! This is way it's always awesome to have him there.
Kristi looks so happy in this photo...even if her feet are swollen!

Brian trying to hear Camden.

I know Brian's blurry but this photo was just too cute. Who cares about the blur!

How funny is this?!
I love these two shots of Kristi. Do you think they'll let me put Camden in the middle of road like that?

Every pregnant woman needs her ice cream!
Two more baby bump close ups!