We met up with Sam, Val and Andy at their nearby park to get some 2-year-old photos of Sam. We chased Sam around the playground and the fields as he played. He is one active little guy! Pat played peekaboo with him when I was doing the family photos which resulted in some hilarious laughing shots!

Sam was not shy at all. After we were done and Pat and I were headed out he even gave me a hug! Sam I'm your photography whenever you need one!!!

Meet Sam...
Sam had no fear of climbing up high!
Swinging with Mommy and Daddy.
My favorite shot!
Look how serious both Sam and his Daddy are. This is serious business climbing things!
Okay not always so serious!
Another type of swinging!
Mommy and Sam.
Daddy and Sam.
And some family photos...
Love Sam laughing...thanks Pat for the peekaboo.
Pat's favorite!
After taking the shot above Sam had a fall...poor little guy! We all tried to run to catch him before falling but none of us made it in time.
No worries though he was back to normal in minutes and running around.

Love the toes in the sand.
Sand on the hands!

It's work keeping up with Sam!

I love the way Sam has his hands behind his back. How cute is that?
Had to get a shot of Val and Andy. They were cracking up the whole time. What a fun family!