Zane's friend Parker, my good friend Jenni's son who you've seen here a few times before, turned one last weekend! It was crazy enough to realize Zane was one and now Parker's there. These two are just curious about each other right now but we know they'll be trouble together later! We were so glad we got to share the day with Parker and his family and Zane didn't have a tantrum while we were there! Victory!!!

Here's the birthday boy...
And here's my cutie playing with Parker's cool toys.
Parker was a little freaked out by everyone singing happy birthday to him!
Still curious as to way everyone is looking at him and singing!
Oh wait there's a smile! He realizes there's a cupcake!
How cute is he?
And now we have the progression to share with you...first fingers in.
Then he starts to dig.
And then destroy and conquer!
By the end of the cupcake mess Parker had it up his nose pretty good. It was really funny!
The leftover mess.
And Jenni was brilliant to have a baby pool set up. Talk about easy clean up! And here's Zane checking to make sure Parker's grandpa has him.

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