fridge invader

Zane has a new fascination with the fridge. This mostly involves him closing the door on us when we're trying to get something out. He can't seem to figure out how to get the veggie drawer open, which is probably a good thing or we'd have lettuce all over our house!

Zane had his first blood experience this weekend. I got a phone call from Pat and could hear Zane screaming in the background. All I could hear was that Zane fell and he was bleeding from his mouth somehow. He told me not to worry about coming home and to continue on to Costco but I felt like I should go home. Pat is not a fan of blood! Everything was fine and Zane slipped with the sippy in his mouth and jammed it behind his front teeth which created a bit of a cut. He's a trooper and was just fine. Pat recovered as well and we now have both been hit with our least favorite things - Pat and blood and myself and throw up! Here's to being parents!!!

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