Thursday was weird at work. I'm not sure what else to say about it but it was strange to come to an end to someplace I have become so comfortable with over the past 5 years. Everyone was so nice and I really meant it when I said I'd keep in touch. Now it's time to step into the next stage. And I'm so excited!

Because my birthday fell in the middle of the week Pat asked me what I wanted to do over the weekend. I decided that going to the art museum would be a good way to spend the day. Zane seems to have the same love of art as his parents as he was looking up or staring at the paintings and sculptures we passed. He loved hearing his voice in the galleries as he yelled "OH UH" to see how it would echo. The place was pretty empty so I didn't feel like we were disturbing anyone too much.

Zane was extra good and found his shadow at the museum too which led to tons of laughs from people passing as he crawled along the wall in the modern gallery. Don't worry...we didn't let him touch things, of course! And yes, we did let him crawl on what could be a dirty floor, but he didn't lick it or anything so really things could have been worse!

This is my favorite picture (and Best Shot Monday) I took all day. Pat had to finally get Zane off the floor once the gallery started to become a bit busier. Check out others at Mother May I!

We were hoping it'd be warmer outside to enjoy the grounds more but that just means we have to go back when it gets nicer. We still took Zane outside to check out the fountain, which I literally think he could have sat in front of all day. I was walking with him and he decided to take a seat and just watch. Pat got this great shot! I new favorite of mine.

It was a refreshing way to spend the day. Just together, scared and anticipating what's to come with my new part-time job, photography and everything else that lays ahead. But there's never too much to think about than to take in some creative outlets of others and sit and enjoy them just as Zane did.

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