I have had two sick boys for almost a week now. Fevers and coughing have been part of the mess and for Zane it's been lots of snot and needed cuddling. He's also working on a tooth pushing through the gum right now. So he is one happy camper! While we love the cuddling I miss seeing him play. We never let him watch TV but actually put in the Lion King for him and Daddy to veg on the couch. Zane was only interested for 15 minutes until he got fussy again.

We have been so lucky to have him not pick up anything until now. We've never not been able to take him to the nursery, worry about going out, etc. The nights have been rough but I feel like there might be an end in sight with his fever going down a bit yesterday. I'm just hoping I manage to stay healthy amongst my sick boys!

Doesn't he look miserable in these photos? Hopefully there's some happier ones for Best Shot Monday!