our modern taste

The other day while shopping for Christmas decorations for my work party Pat and I realized something. Our future kids are going to think we are so weird! I was walking through all the fake Christmas trees and at the end stood a white tinsel one filled with bright pink, blue and green simple ornaments. I loved it!!! I had to bring Pat over to see it and I said "In our next house..." We always say this and like to dream about our home we have designed and would love to build some day. Pat loved it too and said "Our poor kids are going to think we're so weird." Funny...because they probably will with our modern taste in everything.

If we could have our dream home it would be filled with clean lines, simple concrete floors and laminate wood and several "outside rooms" like decks with big open windows. No "big" individual rooms, just basic sized but with large living areas so everyone can hang out. And of course a studio for Pat and I's creative endeavors with a big sliding metal door into it. We don't want a big house like everyone else...we want it just the right size to be comfortable and save that extra money to take the fam traveling more often. We love the magazine Dwell (www.dwellmag.com ) and could take almost any house out of that and move right in. We'll see if our dream ever comes true...hopefully in some shape or form.

But yes, our kids will probably think we're weird that we don't have all the traditional Christmas stuff up or that we don't have a "welcome home" mat...unless it has some modern font style or something. I still put out the more traditional Christmas decorations that we have gotten as gifts because they have a special meaning but like to image our house all "decked out modern holiday."

Here's some pictures of the kind of Christmas stuff we like. We're just starting our collection so we don't have alot of this but it's what we would love our house to be filled with.