presenting our name

After some discussion Pat and I decided to pick our name instead of having three to choose from that day we see our son for the first time. Figured we'd have a lot on our minds then so good to have the name picked out ahead of time! We both were leaning towards one of the names anyways so it was an easy decision.

Pat gets credit for coming up with the name. We really wanted something somewhat British but that's not extremely common. This name was number 200 on the number of babies named this last year so that's pretty good. We can't seem to find any nasty rhymes nor will his initials spell something.

Our biggest fear with telling everyone the name we picked out was hearing everyone's comments. So if you know someone you don't like with this name or just don't like it...please keep it to yourself! :)

The middle name is Pat's dad's name.

So without further ado...our son's name will be:

Zane Terrence Laurent