no to-do list today

My refreshing day was wonderful. It started out with a massage in the morning, pictured above. (Shot this really quick so let's not judge it technically!) The lady was very nice and told me afterwards that I had the typical "mom shoulders" and that I needed to try to change sides that I carry Zane on as much as I can. As well as what side I carry the diaper bag and my purse. She also said my lower back was very tense and that I should try yoga. I did yoga when I was pregnant so I think that's good advice! It was very relaxing and it gave me 60 minutes to just think and pray about everything that has been swirling through my mind. Thank you Pat for getting me the massage...just what I needed, even if I did wait this many months to get it!

I then went and had lunch by myself. Strange that at my age I have never done this, even in college I always found someone to sit with. I'd walk up, introduce myself and sit with them. It was a great feeling to sit over a tasty salad and just breath in the relaxing mood I was in.

After getting my hair cut and colored I headed to get a pedicure with a gift certificate my friend Colleen got me. (Thanks girl!) I had a guy give me the pedicure which is always a bit strange to me with some other guy massaging my feet and painting my toe nails. But I got over it and started talking to him about his wedding next year. And then he told me how much he works...10 hours a day 7 days a week. I suddenly felt guilty for being able to have the day off to just relax and refresh. I'm truly blessed to have that time.

I did some quick Christmas shopping and then headed to get a chai tea latte and ginger cookie while I grocery shopped at my favorite store. I splurged and bought some sushi to take home and make Pat try tonight. We'll see how it goes over.

I think that I need to build in a day like this every six months or so. A whole day devoted to breathing instead of running like crazy. To breathing in the idea of relaxing and not have a to-do list to complete. I have been so easily frustrated recently and I'm sure difficult to live with, sorry honey. Part of it has been all I'm trying to accomplish in such a small amount of time. Forcing myself to stay out of the house helped me stay away from a to-do list.

As a mom it's just so easy to always find yet one more task to accomplish. I think all moms, and of course dads too, need a day every now and then that is task-free and just for them.