yep I know how to spell

We completed our Advent calendar and the only thing left to do was stamp on Christmas to the wood. I know how I am when stamping and sometimes get going and don't pay attention so I laid out all the stamps to spell Christmas. I wanted to double check how it would look so I practiced with the C and H on the back and placed them to the side. I started stamping the word backwards to make sure I could fit it all. I finished and looked at my creation and could not believe what I saw! Pat tried to sand it out but instead it resulted with an arrow with Christmas on it. We'll redo the Avent calendar next year but this will do for now! Only I could pull this one off!

We decided not to place gifts in the calendar but to have pieces of paper saying something we'll do as a family that day. I'm hoping to take pictures of each thing and post a weekly showing of what we do!

Check out other Best Shots this week at Picture This. Hope no one else was as big of a fool as me! At least I can laugh about it I guess!