sending you elsewhere - 4greentires.org

Lots going on today so that I can relax tomorrow on my day off. What does my day off involve? Morning massage, hair cut, pedicure, a warm drink and lunch someplace and whatever else I want to do! Can't wait!

Now someone go tell my HUSBAND that it's okay for him to take a day for himself too!

Where am I sending you to now? It's a project our friend Rush is a part of called 4 Green Tires. Rush says, "Each day under inflated tires cause Americans to waste enough gas to fill 10 miles’ worth of tanker trailers. Putting air in your tires is one of those special “everyone wins” efforts — your tires last longer, your car will handle better, and you’ll save gas and CO2 emissions."

I signed up and I think you should too. Pat and I have always been good at getting our tires rotated and checked but the Prism is long overdo and I can only imagine what this gauge would show us right now.

So take a minute, fill out the form and start making a difference.