Last night I went to dinner with a friend who is expecting. We talked about all kinds of things and had a chance to talk about some of her worries/fears with becoming a mom. I tried to offer some advice and just to listen. It feels like just yesterday I was in her shoes.

This morning as I was getting ready I thought about how there's just so much you want to say to an expecting mother but you don't know how to put it into words. The emotions you go through are like nothing you've experienced before, one moment you're elated, the next you want to run the other way. You get confused, want to be 100% prepared and are trying to read and intake all the information you can to become as educated as possible.

And then arrives this baby. This baby that you've felt move for months, that you worried so much about making through the whole time for a healthy baby. And you hear the baby cry, see him move and see his little swollen eyes look at you. And maybe just for a few moments all of those fears and worries drift away as you hold one of God's finest creations in your hands.

Moments later the fears and worries might come swimming back into your mind but it's different now. You have a different view on things. Those worrisome nights and wondering if your prepared never go away, but they take on a different life. And yes things are sometimes stressful and you're thinking what did we do.

I wanted to tell her in so many words that it's worth every minute of confusion and worrying.