advent week one

At first when we created this family activity Advent I thought it would be overwhelming. Honestly there are days, wait I mean WEEKS, that we don't have an hour to ourselves. But this is forcing us to do so and I love that about it. I think this is what this season is supposed to be all about. It's so easy to get caught up in the absolute insanity of it all. Don't worry, if you know me I've had my moments, especially this past week, but with even just a quick 15 minutes to sit with hot chocolate has made a difference in our pace and how we view it.

We were so bummed about not making it to Pat's parents on Friday night (Pat had to work a bit late). The evening turned into a positive though with our candle lit dinner that I thought we'd just postpone till later in the week when we opened the box. But we ate and drank with Christmas music in the background and fell asleep on the couch to the music all bundled up in a warm blanket. It was exactly how I pictured Christmas to be when I married Pat.

What have we pick out of the boxes this week?

1. Donate to a charity
2. Makes smores pie
3. Make rich hot chocolate with marshmallows
4. Find a charity to shop for and go shopping
5. Take Zane to Barnes & Nobles, get a hot drink and read him books in the kid's section
6. Have a romantic candlelit dinner by the Christmas Tree (of course after Zane is asleep)
7. Make chocolate dipped candy canes
8. Test our cinnamon roll recipe for Christmas morning
9. Watch the Nativity story
(the only one we haven't done because we couldn't find anyone who had the movie! We're going to get it on Netflix!)

So what does that mean for Best Shot Monday? Well it means I couldn't pick! So here's our Advent week...at least the things we could take photos of.

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