we've had a day

I had several things I wanted to accomplish today while Zane napped. Nothing huge but little things before we headed off to see his grandparents. Last night was filled with diarrhea, throw up and then more of each. Finally he passed out for bed. I was hoping that it was just something weird and secluded to last night.

Today at 6 am Pat brought him into bed with me, after another episode with the diaper changing. I wanted him to try to sleep just a bit more. At least we got to sleep in because we both didn't wake up till 9am when the phone rang. The rest of the day is a wash, details involve lots and lots of whining, pulling on my pants (mind you I am still in sweat pants, haven't been able to shower and it's 6:30pm), crying and throwing his head back constantly. Do I need to continue? I think I've seen a couple of smiles try to crack his fussy face but just for brief moments. He wouldn't go down for naps and I finally fell to trying to lay with him and get him to sleep. At least he did that for a bit but if I had to get up to use the restroom he'd wake and cry.

Two front teeth are coming through and my parent's house has been passing around a cold so I'm not sure what he has. Whatever it is it NEEDS to go away!!!! I love my son, but today has sucked.

Our plans got changed to go up north to see Pat's parents. Pat had to work late so we didn't get to leave in time to make their party. Bummed out about that but I guess maybe it's better for Zane too. Or I should say better for everyone else not to hear his screams. I was thinking we'd drop him off and leave him till all his teeth come in! Not sure they'd be okay with that! Ha!

UPDATE: Since Pat got home Zane has been Mr. Sunshine! WHAT??? Pat probably thinks I'm lying about the day now. Next time I'm filming it for proof!