goals reviewed

Taking a look back at November makes me realize I didn't do so well on these goals...let's review.

November goals:
1. Take a day off for myself and use that massage...pending no more poison ivy!
Well at least I did this!

2. Accomplish at least half of our Christmas shopping.
Umm...not really. Still trying to get to half! I think we might just have gift cards left to get.

3. Get new photography blog launched.
Well I'm working on it...does that count?

4. Visit the art museum with Pat and Zane.
Never did find the time to do this.

5. Try to add more vegetables to my daily eating.
Another not so well on this goal comment here. I am trying to do this but with our busy schedule it feels like we barely even have time to cook. But salads are popular because they're quick!

So for December I'm taking a different approach. We are doing a family activity Advent Calendar and I think that has a ton of my "goals" for this month included within the boxes. So you'll just have to check regularly to see what's in store for our month.

Last night involved hot chocolate, sitting by the Christmas tree and talking. We only had about 15 minutes to do this but it was a wonderful 15 minutes.