Boundaries are something hard to comprehend. Knowing when to say no, when to say yes and when to say I've had enough! Why is it so hard for us to say no? Whether it's for volunteering, adding on one extra task or trying to squeeze one more thing into our day?

As we begin to teach Zane about boundaries it makes me think about how we need to be more careful to ensure our lives have boundaries too. To make sure boundaries are placed around the things we hold so dear.

I didn't post any goals for this month or resolutions but the main "task" I've been doing is to schedule family time and date nights in advance. I'm talking way in advance! We love to spend time with friends and this sometimes means we end up looking at the month ahead and literally will have almost every night and weekend booked with something. Now I look at the next several months and see family time scheduled in and date nights. I'm hoping this will help us say no, I'm sorry but we're doing our family thing then and placing those boundaries around that time. Not that we don't love to spend time with our friends but sometimes it needs to be just us too.

Here's Zane discovering boundaries as well. We try to let him play in his pack n' play once a day for a bit with just a few toys. Please no comments that this is a form of a baby "cage!" I believe it's good for him to focus on a few toys at once and really figure them out. He seems to enjoy it too. And other times he just enjoys the taste of the pack n' play!!!

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