The Theme Thursday at The Land of K.A. is winter. I first want to note that this is not taken by me! My mom took this photo. I mean really why wouldn't I want to go into business with her!!!? I love the angle she got of Zane's tiny boots. His feet are too small for them but they still protected him somewhat.

Last winter Zane was born in the middle of a snow storm, which made his Grandpa and Grandma L take 6 hours to get here when it normally takes 2, and then a week later we were snowed in with the worst snow storm we've seen in awhile. I remember us talking last year about how in a year he'd be out playing in the snow. Little did we know how much he would hate being in his snowsuit and not be amused by it at all. He's only had it on once and after his reaction for my mom we really haven't attempted it again. We haven't had enough snow again to try it which I'm sure Zane is happy about. What do you think by this face?

Maybe next year! Go check out other takes on winter!