public service announcement

This is an announcement to all our friends and extended family...

We're not having a huge first birthday bash.

Take a moment...breath. It's okay. He will still turn one and we will still celebrate, just on a much smaller scale.

We thought we'd invite some friends and more family than just our parents and brothers/ sister-in-law but then the list ends up being around 70 some people. You invite one, you have to invite the other and it goes on. So in order to keep our sanity and to keep the gifting to a minimum we thought we'd be low key. Zane really doesn't need a whole lot except boring things like a next stage car seat and something to put over his crib rail so he doesn't have paint on his cheeks from chewing it anymore! We'd like to try to use the crib again Zane!

We'll do something small, let Zane eat some cake and have it be about us all just being together and relaxing. Low key...

Am I judging those who choose to have a big party for their child's birthday? No, that's their thing and that's fine. It's just not us. I about freaked when we received a mailer from Toys R Us listing the steps we need to be taking to prepare for a first birthday party. It had things listed months in advance like make the guest list, prepare theme, select invitations and register! WHAT??? When has a birthday gotten to be so similar to a wedding? But that's just my beef with our culture on that one!

So please do not be offended if you do not get an invite to Zane's first birthday party. We'll just be doing a small thing and of course we'll share photos!!!