just sit

Last night I sat on the couch with Pat with a glass of wine and we just talked. No TV, music or sounds from Zane who was fast asleep. It was wonderful, wasn't it Pat?

The two of us have a tendency, okay maybe a problem, to take on way too much at a time. Why we thought it was a brilliant move to paint our cathedral ceiling bedroom in a weekend with a child who just learned to walk is funny to me now. And the weekend before we have Pat's family coming to stay with us to all of our junk from our bedroom on the guest bed just doesn't work. Things are slowly getting in order but last night even though there were 100 things I could think of us to be doing we just sat and talked. And I don't feel the least bit guilty for sitting.

Sometimes we just need to stop and chat and it brings new air back into all the tasks the lie ahead.