Baby Cole

We met up with Cole and his parents at a park in Columbus, Ohio for these photos. Cole's Mommy, Laurel, is my sister-in-law's best friend. Cole is truly blessed with such fun and loving parents. We took photos of Cole when he was a newborn and it's crazy to see how much his grown. But one thing that hasn't changed is the love you can see from his parents. Both Laurel and Jason handle him so well and Cole just eats up their love. I think it really showed through in these photos too.

Cole's feet are much bigger than his itty bitty newborn feet!
Love this shot of Jason playing with Cole.
Another favorite...we got in trouble from the park ranger during this shot. I guess we are not aloud to be in the planted bed area even though they weren't stepping on anything. The funniest part was as the park ranger was talking to me I kept snapping the photos. Ha!
Such a cutie!
Lovin from Daddy.
After this set of photos Laurel said to me, "I hope you got that! That was good stuff!" I didn't ask them to do this at all, they just were playing with Cole.

One lucky kid!

They just can't kiss him enough!
Just chillin.
Playing with one of his favorite toys. Check out those eyelashes...it's always the boys!
I just love baby faces.
Laurel got Cole to smile from singing "Hey good looking."
Too cool.

Thanks Laurel and Jason for letting me photograph your family!