too fun

How do we start to introduce you to MJ and Nicki?! When they hired us to shoot their destination wedding we knew it would be so much fun but we forgot how much fun their engagement photos would be! As I was editing these today Zane was sitting on my lap and when I got to the bike photos he actually starting laughing!

I hate that these aren't larger to show you...new blog coming soon! But hopefully they give you somewhat of a feel of how fun these two are! We can't wait to be part of your wedding weekend you two!

As we went through the pictures there were barely any that one of them isn't in mid laugh!
How sweet is this?
And then the lovey dovey side!
One of my favorites.

There's something so sweet in the moment right before two people kiss. Does this not prove that?!

And here we are with some cheesiness!

Another fav!

Checking each other out.

Pat's favorite.
Love the city in the background.
And here we have the tandem bike!!!
As MJ said, the tandem bike is "glorious!"

Totally looking cool on the tandem.
High five we're getting married!
How many people get a ring shot with a bicycle handle?
Who needs a motorcycle when you can have a tandem?
This is the one that made Zane laugh!
They are way cooler than those girls!

Thanks so much you two for an awesome time!