cuts. bruises. gashes. more cuts.

This is a simple little gash here, but I feel like Zane's forehead is a perpetual showing of the klutziness I have passed onto him.

He can't seem to figure out that when I'm unloading a car and the door is open, to look up and your head won't go straight into it. Or that walking around looking at your shadow is not always the best choice when door frames, corners and other hidden obstacles jump out at you! That dogs don't always see you coming, most things have sharp corners and pavement does leave a nice mark on any part of your body that hits it. Trust me, my forehead has hit pavement in recent years and I remember! (Long story on that one!)

But then I think there's something to all these cuts, bruises and gashes. He's exploring and it shows. Though the majority of the exploring is with his head down watching his shadow, the way the lines in the pavement go or the bugs on the ground, he's still exploring.

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