I sit here looking for some photo ideas on other photography blogs and I'm judging my talent. And then my husband reminds me that some of these people have been doing this for years and look how far I've come in just a few short months completely devoting myself to this. And then I look over to my desk and see a signed wedding contract to scan and send to the awesome bride and groom and right on top of it is the card I cutout that the hospital gave us of Zane's foot prints that I want to scan as well.

I then I remember, I don't need to be making tons of money at this, I need to be doing this because I want to tell him I followed my dream, no matter how hard it might get at times. That judging myself against others was a waste of time and that I focused on my talent, my special things I'm good at, and though I have flaws, it makes me who I am, writer and photographer, mother and wife, all mixed up in one person.

And then I look at photos I took while Zane and I waited for his Grandma L. at Starbucks. He got to sit in the front seat (we were parked - calm down!) and he got to chew on a straw and was completely happy. And then I turn away from the other photography blogs, and laugh at these photos. Perfect or imperfect, it's thanks to him and hopefully future children that I'm taking this leap.